Our Ecological Policy

We have been doing actions for ecology

Our ecological policy and actions.

Our Ecological Policy

We have known that the environmental safeguard is one of the important subject for the continue our humankind, and we have promoted the activity of environmental safeguard on our every departments. Though we have contributed for the making an affluent society.

Our Actions for Ecology

We have planed the manufacturing activity that is kindly for environment based on our environmental policy. And we have tried to prevent a disaster and we have promoted a decrease some demerits for environment.

1) We promote the prevention of environmental pollution and try for prevention of every disaster more. These activity is performed for global environment protection.

2) We observe laws about environment, security and hygiene. And we observe other requirements which we agrees to.

3) We promote a saving of energy, utilization of resources, reduction of waste, recycling activity.

4) For promotion of environmental safeguard activity, we try for employee education all the members are interested in an environmental problem, and we understand it, and to be able to act with responsibility.

5) We grasp the present problem to achieve this environmental policy. And we become one circle and work on improvement.

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